It doesn’t take long to focus on the lyrics throughout Griffin House’s new CD, Flying Upside Down. House combines sweet melodies and an engaging voice to lure listeners into paying attention to his songs, allowing them to find truth in his words. And, that’s exactly Griffin’s goal is with this CD.

Whether or not you agree with his messages about war in context to current conflicts overseas (“I Remember”), discovering that love that is more than sex (“Better than Love”) and being the eccentric one in a relationship (“The Guy that Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind”), House’s words help shape opinions around the topics of his songs – a dream a lot of songwriters wish to achieve.

Singer-songwriters tend to have a story behind each song. But artists such as House don’t have to preface their songs with long narratives. His stories come out the first time you listen.

Grade: B+

Flying Upside Down is currently available.