Siraisi is a New York-based artist who is the drummer for Groove Collective, and he also performs on laptop as pushtobreak. Between the three identities he covers lots of different facets of electronic music, and many varieties of the genre are on display here on this album of mash-ups and beat-crazy remixes.

“Ring Free Baby” is an exercise in experimental electronica that begins as ambient music, but halfway through, it demands a little more participation from the listener as the pace picks up and layers of squeaking and squawking effects wash over the track. Later cuts like “Life as a Bird” and the heavy-bottomed “Wishing in Solitude” are more attuned to the dance floor, and a remake of “Surviving Freedom,” originally heard on Siraisi’s Censorsh!t album, rocks the house with Kraftwerk finesse.

Grade: B

Surviving Freedom is currently available.