One of the best electronica bands of the millennium, Ladytron started the show by playing a few new tracks from their latest album, Velocifero. The crowd was probably not too familiar with the fresh stuff, but they were ready to rock out anyway.

The real excitement came in the middle of the hour-and-a-half set when Ladytron played one of their most notable tunes, “Seventeen.” It was perfect, watching the LED screen behind them flash “17” as everyone sang along.

As I watched the two hot singers lay those sexy vocals over this great electronic music, I thought to myself, “Oh, I get it! LADY-TRON.” I could almost see the ladies wearing the glowing uniforms from the ’80s movie. Only took me seven years.

My only complaint of the night was that I wished they actually looked like they were having a good time. Though the stage was close to pitch black, I could still see the girls’ stone-faced expressions. I guess that’s the sexy-Posh, British way.