Ah ... summer. It’s here – the scorching days of baking in the sun at the beach, late night barbecues and vibrant sunsets. Along with its arrival comes the need for cold, crisp beverages to refresh and quench your urgent thirst. Hansen’s new, all natural, fruit-flavored sparkling drinks hope to be the beverage of choice.

The new product, which blends pure triple-filtered carbonated water with fruit extracts will hit stores this summer and is available in four flavors: blueberry pomegranate, dragon fruit, Valencia orange and cranberry grapefruit.

The blueberry pomegranate, made with extracts from Washington blueberries and Italian pomegranates is slightly sweet with a noticeable flavor of berries. The cranberry grapefruit has a subtle tartness, grapefruit being the dominant flavor.

The Valencia orange is similarly packed with a citrus punch, but without the tartness of the cranberry grapefruit. It’s reminiscent of juicy Mandarins and is made with California-grown oranges. The dragon fruit, made with the exotic pink and green cactus-like dragon fruit of Asia, is slightly sweet and sour like a star fruit.

All four bubbly drinks have no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors, sodium or caffeine. For those looking to avoid sugar entirely, the beverages are also offered in a sugar-free, Splenda-sweetened version.

For more information, visit www.hansens.com.