“We dance in the park for God’s sake,” exclaims choreographer Sarita Louise Moore. “It’s stupidly fun.”

The 27-year old dance artist appears amazed it’s not obvious to everyone the purpose of parks. She and her devoted following of dance artists have been spotted in parks around the city enraptured by the muse.

The collective, known informally as “The Barefoot Underground,” emerged spontaneously from Moore’s Saturday morning Roots Modern dance class at Shakti’s Elements in Santa Monica. The class, which Moore developed after her graduation from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures program, combines a variety of dance influences including modern, ballet, jazz, West African, Afro-Brazilian, yoga and capoeira.

“I am passionate about bringing dance into everyone’s life,” Moore explains. “We need to get people moving, to be excited about helping other people and to reclaim the idea of youthfulness throughout life.”

Moore’s vision of dance ventures into the political. Her work at UCLA focused on community organizing through dance. She speaks about finding the “ultimate vitality” in her dancers and the battle against drudgery in everyday life. Moore’s enthusiasm is infectious and her defense of dance unapologetic: “We need to make dancing (in public) OK again.”

Moore’s vision for the future involves a worldwide tour of dancing-in-the-park events with free workshops. A signature characteristic of Moore’s choreography is a sense of playfulness and humor.

Of her work she offers, “It is a personal goal of mine to get people to laugh their asses off.”

Moore and dancers can be seen this Sunday, June 15 at Ozone Park, Venice for the event “Dance Picnic.” There will be seven pieces of original choreography presented, hula hoop contests, acrobatic yoga, piñatas, catering provided by Green Truck, a capoeira roda and whatever else may spontaneously occur. The event is free and open to the public.

“Dance Picnic” will take place June 15 from 2 p.m.-5 p.m. at Ozone Park, corner of Ozone and 7th Avenues.