Whether you’re a professed vintage junkie or simply someone who’s interested in the history of Los Angeles in general, Jennifer Brandt Taylor’s Vintage L.A. is worth your perusal. This gal’s got the goods on everything vintage, from where to find fantastic French antiques to Hollywood history to delectable eats at restored classic diners to where to acquire those much in demand vintage duds.

This book is useful for everyone on the L.A. spectrum, from the tourist to those who have lived here for decades, with exciting insider information and the dish on tucked away little treasures that only those in the know would be privy to. The most magical features of L.A. living are revealed for the curious in a no-nonsense and concise manner that will leave even the most hardened L.A. native seeing their turf with new eyes.

Vintage L.A. also peppers its prose with interviews with some of the city’s quirky vintage enthusiast personalities like radio icon Rodney Bingenheimer, the honorary mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant and psych-pop rock band Irving. Too often L.A. history is wiped out in favor of the shiny and new, but a history as rich and vibrant as ours deserves to be celebrated and preserved. Vintage L.A. excels at paying homage to the delights of living in Los Angeles.

Grade: B+

Vintage L.A. will be available June 24.