The latest from synth-glam all-stars Ladytron is many things: multilingual, heavily layered with electronica-driven production and jam-packed with futuristic-sounding synthesizer and keyboard licks. One thing it is not is a dance record.

While electronic-based colleagues – including Klaxons, Hot Chip and Cut Copy – have openly adopted a dance-friendly sound, Ladytron stays true to their grimy, dark, almost-macabre feel led by vocalists Mira Aroyo’s and Helena Marnie’s monotone, serenade-like chops.

A bit too much on the slow end, Velocifero’s pace contrasts the album’s rapid speed-indicating title. The eponymous "Velocifero" just doesn’t match up to its supposed velocity, especially on opening track “Black Cat,” which takes over two minutes before we hear a peep from Marnie.

Grade: C

Velocifero is currently available.