Damn you, Will Ferrell, damn you. You won your way into our hearts with unabashedly unattractive nakedness, oblivious stupidity and nonsensical improvisations. But instead of taking risks and making an effort to sustain a career and grow as a performer, you’ve insisted on appearing in the same tired concepts, substituting different underdog stories in paint by numbers, critically underwritten tripe.

The latest finds you without a supporting cast to bail out your one-note, unoriginal character – although Will Arnett sneaks in a few laughs between the uninspired Woody Harrelson romance plot and the unfunny game and practice scenes. Any initial laughs soon dry up as this becomes just another underdog sports movie, strangely lacking in jokes, with a cast largely devoid of comedians.

Here’s hoping your upcoming reunion with Adam McKay will bring better results.

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