Warning: in order to find this funny you may have to be high. Very, very high.

From Happy Madison Productions (aka Adam Sandler’s buddies that he lets make movies from time to time) comes this dud featuring Steve “remember when I tried to be a real actor by appearing in a Werner Herzog movie” Zahn reverting to his stoner persona, Jonah Hill, of Superbad fame, and the ubiquitous Justin Long (Dodgeball, Mac commercials).

Zahn is the host of a struggling wildlife show, who in order to keep his job must set off to capture Big Foot on camera with his crew of idiots and stoners. Ernest Borgnine (He’s still alive?) makes a lamentable appearance as a cinematographer.

The movie’s heavy on the pot references but fails where Half Baked or Harold and Kumar succeed, and its let’s make this as stupid as possible approach to comedy can’t really appeal on any other level.

Strange Wilderness is currently available.