An autobiographical tale from director Peter Tolan, creator of “Rescue Me,” Finding Amanda tells the story of Taylor Peters (Matthew Broderick), a TV writer and producer slogging through the dredges of sitcom hell. Once destined for greatness, he is now a Hollywood cautionary tale whose drinking, drug use and habitual gambling have spun his life out of control. When he discovers his niece (Brittany Snow) is working as a prostitute in Vegas, he sets off to rescue her and hopefully, resurrect himself along the way.

Broderick is too wide-eyed, soft spoken and genteel to be convincing, and Snow, despite demonstrating considerable talent, is never plausible as a streetwalker. Both Broderick and Snow are talented actors; they’re just entirely miscast and laden with Peters’ exhaustively trying script and direction.

Grade: D+

Finding Amanda releases in select theaters June 27.