From star of “In Living Color” and Booty Call to Oscar-winning actor in Ray – if that journey qualifies Jamie Foxx as “one of today’s most talented and versatile actors” (according to this set), I don’t know. But he has given some competent performances in some more respectable films lately.

This eight-disc set includes special editions of four of these films: Ray, the film that cemented Foxx’s status as a “serious” actor; Michael Mann’s dark and dreary adaptation of Miami Vice; And two war films: The Kingdom, a decent thriller that kind of fell through the cracks with the recent spate of ho-hum Iraq films, and Jarhead, a should’ve been better anti-war film from Sam Mendes, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Not included are more worthy films Dreamgirls and Collateral. Are any of these films worth owning? That’s questionable. But, for the price, there are no real clunkers.

Grade: B

The Jamie Foxx Film Collection is currently available.