A survey conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that more than 17 million Americans have alcohol-use disorders and 4.2 million have other drug-use disorders.

Intervention Season 1: Then and Now documents the lives of six such individuals, including Alyson, a former white house intern; Gabe, a young man who racks up over $500,000 in gambling debt; Vanessa, a former “E.R.” actress whose compulsive shopping drives her to bankruptcy; and Travis, a talented musician who eases the stress of fame with drugs.

Each case is equally depressing to watch, a reminder of how even the best and the brightest can disintegrate in the face of addiction. Luckily, the addict’s loved ones attempt to save them by conducting an intervention. Their efforts, in some cases, succeed, but in others, utterly fail.

Grade: B-

Intervention Season 1: Then and Now is currently available.