Making Of takes the bold stance of illustrating the development of a terrorist from the terrorist’s perspective. The film follows Bahta, a 25-year old whose only concern is break dancing, and how his obsession with victimization and retribution drives him from his family into an extremist fundamentalist sect.

As the film progresses, the fourth wall is broken as we see fictional “making of” footage that discusses the wisdom of taking such a heated stance on extremists and terrorism. One of the truly interesting aspects of this film is that the director is Islamic and repeatedly points out the fact that followers of the faith believe in peace, not violence.

The transformation is quite raw, quickly showing Bahta’s tortured mind as he lashes out with a misplaced religious fervor. While the ending may seem to pull back a bit, the film as a whole is an engrossing experience.

Grade: A-

Making Of is currently available.