Christopher Isherwood was an accomplished writer. Among his works is the book Goodbye to Berlin, which became the play “Cabaret.”

Don Bachardy is a talented artist. His works are in prestigious collections worldwide, and he was recently commissioned by Angelina Jolie to paint a nude portrait of her in the final trimester of her most recent pregnancy.

Despite their 30-year age difference, Isherwood and Bachardy were a couple and open about being an item when gay was déclassé. They faced the world together with affection and extreme devotion until Isherwood’s passing in 1986.

Chris & Don: A Love Story is a poignant, sensitive portrait of their life together. Using their own home movies, interviews of friends and Bachardy’s own recollections, this film offers insight into what makes a relationship stand the test of time no matter who the partners may be.

Grade: A

Chris & Don: A Love Story releases in select theaters July 4.