My favorite soundtracks pull me right back into the experience I had watching the film. The best ones, like Harold and Maude, Pulp Fiction and Rushmore, capture the essence and tone of their movies.

The Sex and the City soundtrack, kind of like the film, is all over the place. Instead of an overall mood or even a calibrated journey, the tracks jump around discordantly, making the listening experience a little jangly.

On the other hand, there’s something for everyone: I love the mellower songs by Jem (“It’s Amazing”) and the Weepies (“All This Beauty”); pop buffs will revel in songs by Fergie and Joss Stone; old school is covered by Run D.M.C. featuring Steve Tyler on “Walk This Way” and a Nina Simone tune.

Even those with oddball taste might be pleased to hear the Bird and the Bee’s take on the Bee Gee’s classic, “How Deep Is Your Love.”

Maybe you can please everyone.

Grade: B

Sex and the City is currently available.