Former Jefferson Starship axeman – with over a million record sales as an instrumental soloist – played 50 guitars tuned by his 16-year-old son. In fact, Midnight Noon was six months over schedule due to Craig Chaquico’s hand injury.

This artsy stage-feel production inspired by the jazz industry schedule, Midnight Noon highlights musicians on a reverse clock from the everyday 9-to-5ers. "Equinox" exemplifies the beauty of dawn when musicians are exiting music rooms while others slumber before the alarm clock chirps.

Chaquico and longtime music partner keyboardist Ozzie Ahlers have finessed productions in all time zones. Recorded bits cyber-spaced from Oregon and California to New York and Spain result in genuine adaptations like "El Gato" and "Dia Del Zorro," with the guitar work for the latter initially recorded in a hotel room.

Musician humor runs amuck in "Her Boyfriend’s Wedding" and "Dream Date," referencing an ex invited to a wedding and then courtship of a new beau met at the nuptials. "Girls Night Out" inspired by "Sex and the City" pokes at diminishing club inhibitions. A Jimi Hendrix vibe is accented in "Always With You," which includes a hint of vocals by April Hendrix. The ’57 Chevy and "American Bandstand" are resurrected in the song "Bobby Sox."

Grade: A+

Midnight Noon is currently available.