When you go to Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, it’s not just a haircut you get, it’s an experience. Before you take your first step inside, you’re struck by the loud rock music banging from the speakers.

The employees and the décor follow this basic rock tune. The walls are plastered floor to ceiling with posters of bands. The stylists are strutting about like rock stars. The first and lasting impression is that this is a place where folks are having fun.

What’s not to celebrate? The Colorado-based Floyd’s has just opened their fifth store in Los Angeles.

The formula seems to be working: Give quality haircuts at a low price, make people feel good and send them on their way. It’s evident, however, that this simple strategy has involved a lot of care and consideration.

Much has gone into honing an environment and staff capable of consistently maintaining a high standard. Beyond the lively decoration, which includes hip lighting and large mirrors, there’s the unusual personal touch provided by an upbeat and friendly staff.

In a business notorious for high turnover rates, Floyd’s has accomplished the improbable by retaining a large number of their employees. This is undoubtedly related to the policy of providing health coverage and paid vacation to the staff.

“We like to keep it in the family,” explains Venice store manager Tom O’Brien.

The most recently opened Venice store was converted from an old muffler shop in a once seedy stretch of Lincoln Boulevard. A huge garage door that’s open during store hours serves as a reminder of the space’s past life. It seems fitting for a shop like Floyd’s, which caters mainly to men (although women make up 30 percent of the clientele) and puts out a decidedly working class vibe.

Haircuts start at 16 bucks and go up slightly depending on what sort of special features you might like. These include a shampoo massage, hot lather neck shave and a brief shoulder massage with a cool vibrating machine that fits around the hands of the masseuse while they’re administering treatment.

For the recipient of such a massage, it’s an unexpectedly gleeful experience. It’s all part of the old-fashioned barbershop experience that Floyd’s aspires to.

In my own Floyd’s experience, I was blessed to fall into the knowing hands of Carly, a stylist from “all-over” in her own words. With expert precision, Carly went to work taming the beast that was my Jew-fro into a slick and hip piece of head in a matter of 15 minutes. But it was those special features that made the experience ... well, so special. Each was performed with skill, grace and kindness.

Back on the streets again, I felt like a million bucks. Watch out, ladies!

For more information, call (310) 399-4888 or visit www.floydsbarbershop.com.