I was on my way for coffee as usual when I discovered a whole different world brewing at Renovo. Coming from the Latin word meaning “to renovate” or “to make new,” Renovo specializes in innovative smoothies, along with other specialty drinks and menu items, using 100 percent natural, mostly organic ingredients to achieve the ultimate in health benefits.

There are a bunch of smoothies to choose from, or you could customize one – from fruit to milk to additions of protein powders – to your own unique specifications. There is also a selection of “zone smoothies,” distinctively developed to keep your blood sugar levels from skyrocketing, sans the loads of added sugar used by other popular smoothie bars.

The exclusive raw hot chocolate is smooth and creamy with 20 times the antioxidant power of traditional versions – definitely a must try! I especially love the passion fruit gunpowder green tea; both hot and cold versions are fabulous.

Also offered is organic Brazilian coffee for the traditionalist. If you are stopping in for lunch, there are packaged fruit, vegan salads and sandwiches on hand for a quick bite. When available, the raw vegetable soup is great, as is the red bean or taro root buns. For an instant jolt of energy, try the Kombucha Wonder Drink, a sparkling Himalayan Tonic in an 8.5oz glass bottle.

Extras at Renovo include free Internet access, a line of exclusive Herbal Supplements and Sunfood Nutrition superfood powders.

Eating at Renovo actually makes you feel like you’ve done your body a favor. Adding to the whole Renovo experience is an airy atmosphere and a friendly, accommodating staff. I continue to be amazed by the new creations, and especially on how a few good-for-you ingredients produce such tasty, beneficial treats.

For more information, call (310) 828-7267.