The amazing thing about the PT Cruiser is that it’s not that good on gas mileage or acceleration, but somehow it fulfills a need – it’s cute.

Our test car was a Sunset Boulevard edition. You can fit four people easily. The small exterior size makes it easy to park.

The back seats are removable separately and are divided into a 2/3 configuration: you can take out the smaller seat and have room for two people in the remaining seat. They also fold down and flip over to make more cargo room.

Handling is good but don’t count on this being a sports car. It is, dare we say, a wagon. Still, you can have fun driving it.

New for those who like radio without commercials is an optional Sirius Satellite Radio plus a standard auxiliary jack lets you hook in your iPod.

The best news is its reasonable base price of $15,655. Chrysler dealers are offering a $1,000 rebate on the PT Cruiser.

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