For better or worse, the one word that comes to mind when listening to Priscilla Ahn’s new album, A Good Day, is comfortable. Her subtle, angelic voice is soothing. Most of the songs are mellow lullabies, including a track called “Lullaby.”

There’s nothing surprising, nothing shocking and the occasional quirky lyric even feels endearing. All of this makes the album as enjoyable a listen as a warm cup of tea on a cold night. But, comfort comes at a cost.

A Good Day leaves much room for lyrical growth. It also leaves a desire for more depth and exploration in the songs. It all feels so light and airy, there doesn’t seem to be a note of revelation.

The brush drumming, the piano tapping and song simplicity are pleasing enough, but mainly serve to showcase her emerging talent. Ahn sounds like she’s on the verge of something better, but holding back.

Once she develops just a little more lyrical and musical maturity, it really will be a good day. For now, her Good Day is merely OK.

Grade: C

A Good Day is currently available.