The very first thing you hear at the beginning of this album is the sound of birds chirping. That may give you the impression that Frank Bango wants to come across as some type of “nature boy,” a description the singer-songwriter lives up to in a couple of different ways.

Bango has some oddities to his vocal style; he’s nasally and he’s challenged when he reaches for the high notes he’s written into some of his songs. He also sometimes gets a little too organic with his lyrics, like singing, “I followed a line of red ants” on “I Saw the Size of the World.”

But it’s exactly these quirks, meted out sparingly, that make Bango’s music different and endearing. And while the two artists are for the most part dissimilar, Bango’s arrangements sometimes recall the whimsical side of Elvis Costello.

Grade: B

The Sweet Songs of Decay is currently available.