Fresh yet familiar, sweet with a sultry kick, Hotel Café darling Jessie Baylin delivers a gem of an album with Firesight. The album shines as the fair-haired songstress harmonizes her breathy coos over tinkering piano notes and country-tinged guitar riffs.

Her sounds-like repertoire would most definitely include Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and modern blues-folk icon, Norah Jones.

Baylin doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the musical family table, but she works the genre well. She successfully bounces from a jazzy piano ditty “Lonely Heaven” to the southern-inspired “Tennessee Gem” without breaking her signature mellow rasp.

On a few tracks, Firesight becomes a little too polished and leans very close to the straight pop edge, however, Baylin’s talent sparkles brighter than a mere marketing tool.

Grade: B+

Firesight is currently available.