Switchfoot vocalist Jon Foreman’s series of seasonally themed EPs carries listeners on a journey through an ever-changing landscape on a current of gorgeous indie-folk. Foreman is an alarmingly skilled songsmith, probing into motivations, injustices and simple human nature with compassion and insight.

That the series begins with Fall is probably no mistake, with Foreman claiming the season as his favorite and it’s certainly the most inspired, with “The Cure for Pain,” which was featured on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Equally Skilled” its stunning highlights.

Winter flows on into darker territory. The heart-wrenching “Somebody’s Baby” depicts the sad alcoholic existence of a lost soul, while the stunning and sparse Asian folk-influenced “In Love” draws the collection to a haunting close.

Spring is the weakest of the group, while Summer presents the bright and catchy gem “Resurrect Me” whose sitar-esque guitars set me dancing, warranting repeated spins on my deck.

As might be expected, strong Christian themes are sprinkled throughout the EPs, but on Summer’s “Instead of a Show” Foreman makes it clear where he stands, calling out those who would put on an act of piousness while forgetting the suffering masses. He manages, unlike some Christian recording artists, to save the preaching and make music that people of all faiths can appreciate.

Grade: B+

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer are currently available.