Despite the array of powdered wigs and proper British accents, City of Vice is packed with murder, prostitution and everything else that makes for a good police drama. The series dramatizes the strange, true story of famed novelist Henry Fielding (portrayed by Star Wars’ Ian McDiarmid) and his blind magistrate brother as they work to form a force to battle the ever-growing crime problem in late 18th century London.

Perhaps the greatest strength of this short, five episode season is that it’s unafraid to portray the good guys as flawed, brutal individuals. Moral purists will be turned off, however, as many blatant crimes are ignored in the pursuit of justice.

Likewise, casual viewers may be turned off by the dry, wordy British style and the short, resolutionless run of the show. The video also seems fairly grainy, but it’s worth a watch.

Grade: B+

City of Vice is currently available.