A Love to Keep is a true tale of tragic love during the dark period of the Spanish social danger laws that allowed the persecution of homosexuals. Elvira, who has herself survived a suicide attempt, stands accused of the murder of her lover Pilar as she recounts the tale of their courtship in the turbulent 1970s when the two teachers first fell in love.

Threatened first by colleagues and then by family, Pilar’s mother has her sent to a mental institution to cure her “perversions” with electroshock therapy. Although they’re eventually reunited, Pilar is forever scarred by her traumatic experience, which Elvira, in her devotion, vows to see her through.

It’s a story that should be told from a human rights perspective, however the low budget, after school special feel of the film distracts from its message and provides for some unintentionally laughable moments. In spite of all this, Carmen Elías and Susi Sánchez make do with what they’ve got, and their performances effectively save the film.

Grade: C+

A Love to Keep is currently available.