He was deemed by the press as one of the most heinous criminals of his generation. Some saw him as a disorderly youth gone wild. He had no regard for human life ... or so it seemed.

This is not the story of Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. This is the plot of the thrilling new film Boy A. The riveting drama was adapted from the novel by Jonathan Trigell and takes the viewer on a terrific journey through the ups and downs of moral and ethical dilemma. BAFTA award-winning actor Andrew Garfield is a standout as Jack. He’s a loner starting over in a new town.

Unbeknownst to his newfound friends and co-workers, he is one-half of a child duo imprisoned for the violent murder of a young schoolgirl. What’s more, he was only a kid himself when the crime was committed. Boy A is a sleek piece of cinema that touches on the social injustices of the judicial and prison systems. Although Jack’s former misdoings appear onscreen via carefully executed flashback, it’s his present incarnation that will make you question everything you once thought about child criminals.

Grade: A-

Boy A releases in select theaters July 25.