The scene is North Shore Oahu, one of the biggest surfing meccas in the world. Swells 40-feet high rumble up from the ocean and curl over, creating the “totally tubular” shape surfers dig.

The year is 1974. Hawaiians have been surfing the North Shore and have ruled the competition for decades, nonchalantly beating any visitor who attempts their waves. But, things are about to change. A group of Aussie and South African surfers arrive, hell bent on conquering the Hawaiian sea with brass force.

Their aggressive style and to-the-death determination stir up the surfing scene. As the daring foreigners attract supreme attention, their egos soar to the limit.

Their conceited attitude, rude surfing etiquette and trash talk earns them serious death threats. They’re left at a crossroads; they came to win, they came to propel surfing to a far greater level, they came to make surfing an international competition, but their lives are at risk.

The plot sounds like another happily-ending Disney sports drama, but it’s not. Rather, it’s a true documentary recounting the exciting beginning of international competitive surfing. Jampacked with interviews from the legends themselves, the film explores the people that turned surfing into the multi-billion dollar business it is today.

Grade: B

Bustin’ Down the Door releases in select theaters July 25.