Based on the popular song by Ricky Nelson, Garden Party prides itself on being the latest in a long line of L.A. scenester tales. Sammy’s an aspiring singer who has come to the City of Angels to make a name for himself. He hitches his way around town getting by and getting high with people like Nathan.

Cornfed Nebraska boy Nathan works for seductive-yet-bitchy real estate maven, Sally St. Clair (40 Days and 40 Nights’ Vinessa Shaw). Sally hooks up with a dark and mysterious biker named Todd (Richard Gunn). Todd helps her with a little trouble she’s having with her older real-estate tycoon boyfriend Davey (Christopher Allport).

Davey’s got a love jones for sweet young things like April (Willa Holland). April is just trying to escape her “hands-on” stepdad while making a little cash to stay alive. Buzz on this flick has been hot – nearly every indie kid from Culver City to Silver Lake has it marked on their must-see list. For the most part, Garden Party doesn’t disappoint. It takes the familiar and played-out Hollywood archetypes and revives them with fresh faces and dialogue.

Sure, it’s not as edgy and irreverent as early reports might have you think (I mean, I’ve done much worse on a Saturday night). But it’s funny, sharp and may restore a cynic’s love of Los Angeles.

Grade: B-

Garden Party is currently in theaters.