Much like the title character, the film Kenny is hard to like if you’re not willing to put up with quite a bit of poop. This mockumentary follows Kenny Smyth, a portable toilet professional with a heart as pure as his job is dirty.

After an opening that’s laden with various words for human waste, the film picks up as Kenny leads us through the events and philosophies in both his professional and personal life. While Kenny comes so mush-mouthed that subtitles are often welcomed, he soon reveals himself to be a genuine, good-hearted person whose determination and commitment to those around him help him overcome an often-crappy job.

This often means, however, that he’s completely oblivious of the world around him. One of the film’s real highlights is Kenny’s sudden relationship with Jackie, a flight attendant whose increasingly blatant attempts to woo the witless plumber go completely unnoticed by the sweet-hearted plumber’s genuinely good nature.

Kenny is simply a sweet movie about a good man who optimistically deals with difficult situations, an aging father, a bitter ex-wife and an often-unsavory job no matter how much the world might dump on him.

Grade: A

Kenny releases in select theaters July 18.