Beverly Hills might be the new hot spot. I should say cool spot because no one knows about this particular place … yet. There’s a new club in town by the name of Aqualounge.

It’s a bit hard to find (like most of the good clubs) on Beverly Drive, and once you get past the doors you’re guided down a velvet flight of stairs and transported into a pseudo-Nautilus feel. Formerly the Larry Flynt Hustler Club, owners David Ross, Peter Pocsaji and Solomon Moskovich revamped the 60-seat parlor, encasing the aquatic themed wonderland in oversized couches and colorful fish-filled aquariums along the wall.

Before you enter, however, there’s a vodka flowing iceberg with shots for the privileged, and you can turn the corner and order one of the signature drinks like a crystal blue Aqua Drop ($14) or a pomegranate infused Flame Angel ($14). Aqua also carries a pretty respectable wine list like Santa Barbara’s Summerland Chardonnay by the glass ($11), Rutherford Ranch’s Sauvignon Blanc by the bottle ($39) and popular Buena Vista’s Pinot Noir ($14).

The dining experience begins at 6:30 p.m. and goes until 2 a.m. The menu is a “creative world cuisine” taking simple dishes like Japanese tuna tartar and throwing it for a curve by wrapping deep fried tortillas around it, complete with guacamole and Siracha ($15). Kobe beef is made into a Spanish ceviche ($12) and is the main component in the popular Sliders ($16).

For main dishes, the menu ranges from a basic penne with a pink basil sauce, which you can add chicken or shrimp ($18) or Alaskan Wild King Salmon ($24) to. There is also a larger Kobe beef burger accompanied by delicately seasoned fries ($28). All of the ingredients are organic, and the seafood is shipped to the lounge daily, ensuring you’re getting a fresh catch.

The crowd consists of a pretty diverse mix – a large bachelorette party, single older gentlemen with tables, enjoying bottles of chilled wine, a group of 20-something men just out to have a good time. Considering Aqua is located in the heart of “money town,” you can expect to find those types of patrons, but given the versatility of the club, it doesn’t seem pretentious or uninviting in the least.

If the VIP room status is your pleasure, Aqua offers a private room that can hold anywhere from 20 to 60 guests. The lounge has been rented by the likes of Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, and L.A. Fashion Week wrap parties.

For the next few Fridays around 11 p.m., the dance floor is transformed into a long, thin X-style stage for an acrobatic burlesque-style revue called “Q” with a great dance track (Prince, anyone?). The music flows between current to ’90s style hip-hop and even live music. Dennis Quaid has performed here on a few occasions.

Make sure you arrive anytime after 10 p.m., as the club gets busier as the clock ticks closer to midnight. Valet service is available, or for budget conscious students, there’s plenty of parking on Brighton Way.

Aqualounge is located at 424 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. For more information, visit