Best known for earlier films such as Suspiria and Deep Red, Italian horror auteur Dario Argento’s lesser known works – Do you Like Hitchcock?, Phenomena, Tenebre, Trauma and The Card Player – are collected here. He’s been called the Italian Hitchcock and the master of Giallo, the Italian genre that mixes the crime mystery with the slasher film with the erotic.

Mostly for the diehard Argento fan, this set does include two Argento gems. Tenebre is about an American mystery novelist visiting Rome, when a serial killer starts reenacting the murders from his book. Phenoma stars a young Jennifer Connelly as a girl who can communicate with insects and is transferred to an exclusive boarding school where her ability may help solve a string of murders.

The other films are latter day, lesser works, but by no means bad and should still be enjoyed by devotees. Ultimately, however, those unfamiliar with this stylistic master should explore his earlier work.

Grade: B+

Dario Argento Box Set is currently available.