I was one of the few people who actually watched “Fastlane” when it was on, and it’s the same as I remember: really terrible, yet extremely enjoyable. Two cops (Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli) are part of a super-undercover L.A. unit, led by their lieutenant, Tiffani Thiessen, playing the least convincing cop ever.

This is not a show you watch for plot, but for the pretty people, beautiful L.A. scenery, amazing cars, impressive action sequences, gun battles and laughably gratuitous slow-motion shots. Equally impressive is the guest star roster: Isaac Hayes, Terrence Howard and Robert Forster, to name a few.

DVD extras include a handful of featurettes on the show’s finer points (cars, cast, stunts) as well as some outtakes.

Grade: B

Fastlane – The Complete Series is currently available.