Based on Robert Whitlow’s novel, The List is a cringe-inducing attempt at a conspiratorial thriller with Biblical overtones. Grating Southern accents, on-the-nose dialogue and clumsy attempts at jamming in spiritual lessons jab at the back of the viewer’s throat, as you wonder: how did they get Malcolm McDowell for this?

A young lawyer’s father dies. He is contacted by a cabal of wealthy businessmen, who have operated in secret to make each other rich since the Civil War. When the lawyer is asked to assume his father’s spot in the conspiracy, he begins to question the group’s methods.

No doubt Whitlow is sincere in writing stories which concern his faith, but the movie and its extras – several Biblical-themed featurettes, faith guides and materials hocking the Whitlow brand – just seem like cynical attempts at hooking that long-sought after The Passion of The Christ audience.

Grade: D-

The List is currently available.