I already believe Sasquatch exists. I have seen the Loch Ness Monster with my own two eyes at the educated age of nine. So when the History Channel created a series entitled “Monsterquest” with episodes like “Russia’s Killer Apemen,” “Lions in the Backyard” and “Mutant Canines,” I thought, finally the public was coming to their senses.

Piggybacking Leonard Nimoy’s 1976 TV documentary series, “In Search of...,” this series incorporates advanced DNA analysis and modern advances of digital photography to investigate historical sightings of legendary monsters. All the superstars are there, including Bigfoot, a Hobbit and the Loch Ness Monster of Canada, as well as more intriguing unfamiliar names such as Giant Squid and Gigantic Killer Fish.

While the episodes turn out to be about as hilarious and sometimes ridiculous as the titles, the DVD extras spend time behind the finished product, thoroughly following the scientific process of attempting to retrace these enigmatic creatures. Bonus interviews with legitimate scholars and scientists, as well as measured lab work of blood and hair samples, prove to be the most persuasive and tempting-to-believe parts of the DVD.

Monsterquest – fact, fiction and a great party theme.

Grade: B+

Monsterquest: Complete Season One is currently available.