Ah, the tingly, semi-burning sensation of an acne-cure cream seeping into your pores and zapping up those pesty zits. Ooh, the silky smoothness of freshly pedicured, soft, healthy feet. And woo-hoo, the non-oily, moisturizing sunscreen that protects you from the future face wrinkles perpetuated from too much sun. Here’s a rundown of the DERMAdoctor products I tried and how they worked.

The Ain’t Misbehavin’ Skin Clarifying & Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++:

There’s nothing worse than sunscreen that makes you look like you just smeared melted butter all over your face – that oily, greasy stuff that’s so shiny it almost offers your friends a reflection of themselves when they look at you; those types of sunscreens, which run in your eyes and mouth when you get in the water so when you get out, not only do you have oily skin, you now have bloodshot eyes and a look of disgust from the bitter taste.

Now think of the exact opposite – a lightweight, moisturizing, mattifying skin cream that leaves your skin feeling soft, looking freshly powdered, smooth and healthy. The only downfall … the price. It’s $30 for a 4 oz bottle. But I think it’s worth it.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Medicated Emergency Acne Spot Treatment:

Believe it or not, this stuff actually got rid of that annoying zit in the crevasse of my chin and the red blemishes plaguing my cheeks. Although it took two or three days (so not exactly 911 emergency status), I was truly impressed. Its pleasant little tingle, non-oily finish, scar-free, non-drying formula make it a must – again, for a price though ($36 for 10ml).

Feet Accompli Ultimate Antifungal Pedicure Cream:

Fungus, scaled feet, yellow toenails, peeling heels. No one wants that. This antifungal pedicure cream kills candida, yeast and fungal infections.

It makes skin super-smooth and has a nice floral aroma despite being fragrance-free. Sandal wearing time isn’t over quite yet (or ever in California for that matter) so make your feet look nice with this satisfying pedicure cream ($34 for 4oz).

For more information, visit www.dermadoctor.com.