So. Everyone’s dancing, close and cuddly, and then Khan throws on his gold cape, gets his cobra-headed staff in hand and starts laughing wickedly like an Indian Lord Sutch. He walks up to his organ player, who could be Chris Kattan but is Freddy Rococo, and when he strokes Rococo with his cobra (in the G-rated sense, thanks), all he gets in return is a mouthed “I love you.” Or maybe it’s “olive juice.”

At that moment, if you’d turned toward the brass trio on stage, you’d have noticed sax player Ben Ra looking like he was going to vomit any minute. He didn’t.

King Khan might just be the leader of the best live band in the world. Go-go dancer Bamboorella worked the pom-poms all night, and the Shrines beautifully covered David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” and the Saints’ “Know Your Product.”

Khan made miserable bastards of us by preceding “Welfare Bread” with the story of how he and his wife had been on welfare for four years, so a few pretended that they too were on welfare, perhaps in sympathy, and we all doo-wopped along for a couple of minutes. Then the Shrines went back to tearing up some horns per usual.