Sure, you could make spaghetti and rent a movie, but that takes effort; and summer is all about relaxing, taking a load off and letting the food and movies come to you. That’s why Cinespace’s ongoing Friday and Saturday night “Dinner & a Movie” series is perfect, pairing up high-class meals and recent films for the lazy housewife in all of us. All you have to do is show up (and pay for your meal)!

From the street, Cinespace is just a staircase hidden by an excessively tall awning and guarded by what looks like a former iron maiden door, but if you make it past the front stoop, you’ll be whisked through a luxurious club and into the plush back theater, where Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay anxiously awaits.

That’s right. Order the crab cake appetizer and pan-seared chicken breast (or maybe a green salad) and watch as collegiate pot-smoking’s eponymous duo are caught in another zany adventure. On a flight back from – where else – Amsterdam, Kumar’s brown skin (and smokeless bong) make him a terrorist suspect and the pair end up detained at the infamous Camp X-Ray by the Department of Homeland Security.

Thanks to another Neil Patrick Harris cameo, multiple hookers and, of course, marijuana, Harold and Kumar spend an hour and a half hilariously surviving the ordeal (and living to tell about the time they smoked weed with George Dubya).

So although today’s political climate is almost scary, take a night off from CNN nightmares and make a reservation for Cinespace’s D&M. Feel free to show up a little buzzed and enjoy a romantic evening full of candlelit munchies and a light-hearted look at racial profiling.

Cinespace is located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, visit