Following in Sideways’ well-lubricated viniculture footsteps, Bottle Shock is the true story of a little Chardonnay that could, the 1973 Chateau Montelena, a wine made in the Napa Valley when all great wine was believed to be from Europe, especially France.

Everyone remembers the high-stakes drama of the U.S. Hockey team going against Russia at the 1980 Olympics, but in 1976 American pride rested on the shoulders of a few small vineyards in California taking on the Goliath winemakers of France. Bottle Shock tells the story of those passionate vintners.

Set in the fields and vineyards of Northern California wine country, the film’s beauty is breathtaking.

The cast, capable and charming, is led by Bill Pullman as the vineyard patriarch Jim Barrett, Chris Pine (soon to be of Star Trek fame who looks like a love child between Peter Gallagher and Brad Pitt) as his son Bo and the perennially pitch-perfect Alan Rickman as the British wine snob who initiates the California-French wine challenge.

Grade: B

Bottle Shock is currently in theaters.