I wonder if most 12-year olds are as neurotic as Bernie Rubens, the curmudgeonly man-child of Paul Weiland’s endearing little gem, Sixty Six. His Bar Mitzvah is weeks away and in addition to having his once lavish ballroom affair reduced to a few tray tables in his parents living room, Bernie must now cope with the realization that England has unexpectedly reached the finals of the 1966 World Cup. Ordinarily, this would be cause for celebration for the North London chap, but the match just happens to fall on the same day as his party.

It’s no surprise that the opening credits reveal Sixty Six to be a “true ... ish story.” Director Paul Weiland also had his Bar Mitzvah during the 1966 World Cup Finals and one has to speculate whether he too burned effigies of his favorite players. If anything, the experience left for one hell of a funny story.

Grade: A

Sixty Six is currently in theaters.