If the idea of a crowd of hungry post-apocalyptic punk bikers roasting a man alive turns you off, you were wise to avoid Doomsday in its short theatrical run. If, however, you love classics like Mad Max and Escape from New York, this strange, ultra-violent romp is worth a second chance.

This twisted tale from the director of Dog Soldiers starts with 28 Days Later-style scenes of viral outbreak and devastation, during which infected Scotland is walled off, leaving the survivors to die off or go mad inside. When the virus shows up in London decades later, a sexy one-eyed soldier (an obvious nod to Snake Pliskin), is sent through the wall with a team of doomed military and science officers to find a cure. The film soon takes a strange turn when they are ambushed by savages taken straight from The Warriors, and it just gets stranger and more violent from there.

The DVD contains both the R-rated version and the slightly bloodier unrated version, along with several short features. The real joy of the disc, however, is the commentary’s tales of horrible filming luck, broken noses and near fatalities.

Grade: B

Doomsday is currently available.