Just in time for Naked Music’s 10th anniversary, Jay Denes, label owner and mastermind behind Blue Six, returns with another dose of his audio seduction. Re-Creation, the newest album from the label/artist, is exactly what you would expect: soulful lounged out grooves with tantalizing vocals; but this album seems to fall a little short of par.

Though it’s intended to be a very chilled and relaxed album, the momentum stutters, making you wish you were listening to an older classic from the catalogue. Though there are many guest singers, the album as a whole still plays as if it’s one long drawn out track with minimal change.

This, with the exception of “Heroin Chic” and “Samba Contigo,” two jams that grasp the senses with their sexy saxophones lines and jazzy house beats.

Grade: C

Re-Creation is currently available.