Casey Veggies is a young talent unlike no other. Already being hailed as the next best thing by his peers, Veggies has made it his goal to live up to the hype and give listeners what they deserve: raw talent at its finest.

While honing his skills in the streets of Inglewood, Veggies has grown to be a force in the underground scene, and he’s only 15.

When did you realize that rap was for you?

I started writing at about 12. At 14 I recorded my first mixtape Customized Greatly, and from there I met a lot of people, and people found out about me, and the MySpace page grew from there.

What would you describe your style as?

Food for thought. It’s definitely something new and something that’s never been done.

How do you feel about the state of music?

I feel this past year it’s been growing. All it needs is dudes like me and the other artists I do music with, which is something new and fresh. No more cliché shit.

You just recently released Customized Greatly. What can we expect with Vol. 2 on its way?

Customized Greatly was basically my way of gaining respect locally. I mean if you claim you’re a rapper but you don’t have material, what respect are you going to get? It did way better than I thought. Now it’s got like 900 something downloads on For Vol. 2, I’m just taking it to the next level.

How much does it matter for you to “blow up”?

I’m trying to pursue this seriously, and I believe I have what it takes to take this to the furthest place possible. I don’t want to live that “regular” life. It means a lot to me to blow up.

Customized Greatly is currently available at For more information, visit