There’s something inherently scary about a gooey substance that can disintegrate your hair. Yet, the promise that Veet hair removal products boasts – a razor free way to get rid of that irritating stubble on your legs, leaving you smooth as a baby’s bottom – is, I must admit, fairly enticing.

As I stepped into the shower, neon-green bottle of Veet in hand, my heart started to flutter a little bit faster and my mind started racing. What if it burns my flesh away? What if it makes my skin break out in a red, bubbling rash? The semi-irrational fears of usage were invading my mind. “What the hell have I gotten myself into,” I thought.

But with a few deep breaths, the warmth of an inviting stream of hot water and the feel of my not-so-shaven legs, I was ready to try it. I went to read the directions.

What? No directions. Instead, written in small print, it says, “follow the directions for use on the leaflet.” You have to bring a piece of paper into the shower to find out how to use the stuff?

I now had to exit the shower to go find the leaflet, which I had thrown away. I read the directions (which are loaded with warnings, might I add).

Like ripping off a Band-Aid©, I figured I better get this over with – fast. I squeezed the lavender smelling substance into my hand, smoothed it over my skin and waited, washed it off and viola, it was done – my first Veet experience.

No burning, no rash, but not the smoothest skin. Needless to say, I think I’m sticking to my good old disposable razors, but for you brave souls out there, maybe Veet’s for you.

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