The time is 1983, and 16-year-old Chip and his garage band set out to make it big in the music business. They decide they need a femme lead singer and discover sweet-voiced Kim, who helps rocket the group to potential stardom. They get resistance, however, from Chip’s mother, Melissa, a ’60s songstress who’s still connected in the music biz, and Tom, a greedy record exec.

The script, by Jeff Favre, is cliché ridden. The music, by Missy Gibson and Mike Flanagan, is uneven.

When Kim, played by Matisha Baldwin, sings lead, the music soars. Otherwise, the music snores.

The ballads are maudlin, and the up-tempo numbers don’t swing. The show is well cast, though, so if you can get through Act One, you’ll enjoy Act Two.

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