Martin Scorsese directs this Rolling Stones concert film, though perhaps George Romero would’ve been a more fitting choice. Still, Scorsese does an admirable job of injecting some vitality into the geriatric rockers.

Yes, Mick’s wild gesticulating is impressive for his age (you just wish there wasn’t so much gyrating), but you can’t help being distracted by the fact that you’re watching a band that’s been playing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” almost every night for the last 40 years.

Appearances by Jack White and Buddy Guy add some flavor, but when Jagger starts groping Christina Aguilera, it becomes cringe-worthy. Other un-hip establishment moments include the awkward interaction with the Clinton clan prior to Bill’s introducing the band.

Focusing on the band in its prime, like Scorsese did with No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, would’ve made for a more compelling film. Still, I guess it’s cheaper than paying their exorbitant ticket prices.

Grade: B+

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