Alas, the music is not quite as stimulating as the name. But it’s pretty difficult to live up to a name like the Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, so it might be in order to cut them a break.

On their EP, Escapements, this L.A. ensemble dishes out cute indie pop that’s clean, honest and deceptively simplistic. Their delicate and idyllic use of strings and a Rhodes pair nicely with the dual boy-girl vocals. Indeed, Hunter Costeau and Kelli Noftle’s voices blend so nicely that when they sing separately it seems strangely lacking.

The album opens with the beat-driven and anticipatory “Don’t Be Fooled,” but its energy is sadly muted by the production. Fifties influenced “The Uniform” sees lush interplaying layers dance around intelligent lyrics surrounding the doubts of a soldier. The song is timely but more introspective rather than preachy or forceful.

Grade: B+

Escapements is currently available.