Dave Einmo proves that he’s the Willy Wonka of experimental music by serving up the sharpest groves and samples to all the kiddies. His work rivals that of Brian Eno and proves that you can go electronic without compromising integrity or real talent.

HLAK’s latest release, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere, is an ethereal, eclectic and funky mix of music that plays on nearly every genre there is. “Big FM Radio Hit” and “No Ordinary Caveman” are sexy, much-needed breaths of fresh air to anyone gasping for something other than New Order and YAZ throwbacks.

Then there’s the commercially friendly track “Daydream Vacation” featuring Asya. Against a backdrop of jangling guitar riffs, a stank baseline and more synthesized flourishes than you’ll know what to do with, this song lands itself in the annals of summer music greatness.

Grade: A-

There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere is currently available.