Where do I begin as to how much I disliked the fourth album release from Metalcore band, Walls of Jericho? Right from the first shrieking growl, I was horrified by the monstrous vocals of lead singer Candace Kucsulain, who I was shocked to discover is a normal-looking female.

It seems confusingly mixed that a Christian band from Detroit, who claims to want to relay the message of God to the American Metal Culture dominated by secular beliefs, sound more like demons from hell with angry song lyrics of death and killers and the repetitive chorus of “Fuck The American Dream.” However, I was only able to know what the lyrics actually were by reading the enclosed booklet because you couldn’t possibly make out one word from the shouting roars.

Just when I thought I had enough and was about to push STOP, the final track, “The Slaughter Begins,” was actually good, depressing and morbid, but hauntingly good! Unfortunately, a listenable melody at the very end of an otherwise awful listening experience was just too little too late.

Grade: F

The American Dream is currently available.