In a decaying, small mid-western town, a slow-witted handyman, Lewie (deftly played by Mark St. Amant), has difficulty processing his sister’s murder in Brett Neveu’s new play.

Lewie sees dead people. Every night, he gets drunk and conjures up the image of his dead sister, a police deputy, the grocery store clerk and victims of a botched robbery.

Most of the town’s residents have moved on since the murder, but Lewie is not alone in his grief. Sheriff Alan Sterett (an excellent Paul Dillon) seethes with a quiet rage knowing that his deputy’s killers were never caught. Then, a stranger named Dennis, who seems to know details about the grocery store victims and their alleged killers, comes to town.

The play, directed by Dado, veers off course a few times, yet, overall, there’s some life to “Dead.”

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