No one gave these kids a chance to see real grass. So play on the dirt they did. Until one day, when they walked 12 miles across the Mexican desert and over the Rio Grande into Texas to play a friendly game of baseball.

It was 1957. Postwar America was thriving. Mexico was still trying to find itself. The only common dominator was baseball. Just like baseball itself, a ragtag group of young altar boys came together in Monterrey, Mexico, in search of hope … and a miracle.

Aptly named The Perfect Game, W. William Winokur relives the story Angel Macias and his group of friends who dared imitate the team they worshipped – the Brooklyn Dodgers – and won their way from an impoverished factory town in northeast Mexico to the very park the Dodgers played in, Ebbets Field.

One small triumph after another, the ragtag team battled personal and societal odds to become the first Mexican team to win the Little League World Series.

Grade: A-

The Perfect Game is currently available.